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Leaving deviantArt
After a much prolonged break I return to you with some news you may or may not want to hear.
I am not leaving deviantart, but moving to a different account (haha fooled you guys)!
Purely out of distaste for everything uploaded to this account prior to a few months ago, I'm starting over with a fresh new slate, featuring a lot more writing and an actual backstory and full body references for all my characters! Drinks all around!
Things I'll also probably include:
- Theories: meaningless random overly complicated strings of theoretical thought processes about various movies, TV shows, games, books, the truth about the government, and more!
-Thinks: strings of information pulled kicking and screaming from my head and vomited onto the Internet
- More Fan Interaction: granted I have enough active fans that care
- Less Complaining: no promises
- More assholery!
- More made up words!
If you care enough to watch my new account for more artsy insanity, it can be found here: http://stitchesandth
:iconvortexdomian:VortexDomian 2 0
To me, there's something about it
That makes me smile with every bit
Art is full of lines and symmetry
That starts from a seed and grows into a tree
The utensil tip gliding smoothly across the canvas
As if it were slipping across ice carefully
The gently click or string or strum
Leading to a quiet instrument's hum
The tickity tack of the typewriter or keyboard
As a quick ticking clock telling time
Composing emotions not to be said
But only to be heard and read
Too see with the eyes and the mind
To string together and pull apart ideas intertwined
To shape and mold ideas of individuals
With just a few strokes of either hand
Creativity bounding in each head
Even if not shown in every little thing
Ecstasy, sadness, love, and anger
Flowing through the veins and releasing it all
Whether it is shown to friends, family strangers, and others
To children, adults, teens, or elders
It roots itself and grows and thrives
Growing taller and wider before it falls and dies
It rots and crumbles under in
:iconnekothebro:Nekothebro 11 9
Happy New Year by Nekothebro Happy New Year :iconnekothebro:Nekothebro 12 15 Weulf by griffsnuff Weulf :icongriffsnuff:griffsnuff 939 145
Heads Up
I'm not going to be doing much probably.
Unless anyone has any suggestions or requests,
I don't have much to do and I won't post much more until december is over
Happy Holidays and crap.
:iconvortexdomian:VortexDomian 1 0
preCIOUS BABY YAY by Nekothebro preCIOUS BABY YAY :iconnekothebro:Nekothebro 8 11 Pixel art Lines by griffsnuff Pixel art Lines :icongriffsnuff:griffsnuff 2,240 76
Yeah this one (oh guess what, I'm not dead)
Put your playlist on shuffle and write down the first 10 songs you get:
Now take the first line from the first song, the second line from the second song, third line from the third song, etc. and put them in order below to make your scrambled poem.
I did the first line of every song.
Screw that.
I made a title. It is "Stray Little Captain Black, This is the Banana Boulevard of Fire OST"
1. Stray by Steve Conte
2. Little Black Submarines by The Black Keys
3. Captain Albert Alexander by Steam Powered Giraffe
4. Black Mission Goggles by Man Man
5. This is Halloween by Danny Elfman
6. The Way by Fastball
7. Banana Ghost by Man Man
8. Boulevard of Broken Dreams by Green Day
9. Fire Fire by Steam Powered Giraffe
10. Coraline OST- Exploration
Little Black Submarines
When he was a boy
The sky is falling like a sock of cocaine in the ministry of information
Boys and girls of every age
They made up their minds
Please don't go and build a fence around your home
I walk a lonely road
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cat by jackalnope cat :iconjackalnope:jackalnope 10 2 Please rust with me... by VortexDomian Please rust with me... :iconvortexdomian:VortexDomian 4 4 Female to Male Crossplay Makeup Tutorial by Vilya0 Female to Male Crossplay Makeup Tutorial :iconvilya0:Vilya0 7,436 834 Anatomy Tip: The Neck by Brainmatters Anatomy Tip: The Neck :iconbrainmatters:Brainmatters 141 13 Excamas Stamar by Nekothebro Excamas Stamar :iconnekothebro:Nekothebro 15 14 Twuleet by VortexDomian Twuleet :iconvortexdomian:VortexDomian 4 6 TheCabin28mobile by VortexDomian
Mature content
TheCabin28mobile :iconvortexdomian:VortexDomian 5 4
So classy by VortexDomian So classy :iconvortexdomian:VortexDomian 3 0



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